Monday, October 28, 2013

I have a dream...

I have a dream, much like MLK in his dream, when he spoke of his four children when he said he hoped "they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

In my dream, this is true of all people, regardless of their relationship to me...But my dreams do not reflect reality...

In reality, the content of one's character is mocked by a society that is incapable of thinking for itself, and parrots opinions of talking heads who do the "thinking" for them...

There was a time in my life when the news simply gave you the facts and it was up to you to decide how you felt...Now, you are given opinions that you're led to believe is "news", while they tell you how to feel, but if you've never been given news as I once was, how are you expected to make up your own mind, let alone be capable of judging a man by his character?...

Politicians from the President on down all like to say, "God bless the United States of America"...

I say, God bless the men and women of earth, and give them the ability to think for themselves, because if they cannot, the United States of America and the earth are fucked...

The biggest threat to mankind, is men/women who cannot think for themselves...

The toon below is nothing more than an example, yet it reflects the thinking of a parrot...

These days I have little faith in mankind, and I'm not what you would call an optimist anymore, but I remember a time when I did...

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NSA Director speaks at hackers’ convention in Las Vegas

The annual Black Hat convention which features some of the smartest hackers on the planet heard from their keynote speaker today, the Director of the National Security Agency (NSA), Army General Keith Alexander.

General Alexander was there to speak on the NSA’s use of metadata mining of phone calls and e-mails of all Americans. He wanted to assure them that the NSA does not listen in on every phone call or read every e-mail.

Between being heckled by some in the audience, Alexander explained that when they do have a suspect they obtain a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant. FISA is a secret court used by Intelligence agencies such as the NSA and the FBI.

Alexander explained that he wanted to, "give attendees an insider’s look into the U.S. Cyber Command and the interworking of offensive cyber strategy" and he did, showing slides with prepared information about some of the surveillance programs used by the NSA.

The NSA director showed how they “connect the dots” once they get a warrant.

When a person is being electronically watched, every phone call he makes is recorded along with everyone that he has called. Then those people he called are then electronically watched along with everyone that they call, and everyone that they called are then electronically watched and so on and so forth.

One warrant for a suspect who might make 40 calls in a day, could ultimately end up with 2.5 million people being watched by the NSA and this is all done with the original warrant from FISA. The same holds true with e-mails. Everyone that a suspect e-mails will cause the same domino effect.

According to Gen. Alexander they do not listen to every phone call of every American, but they do data mine every call, and if someone they are watching even has the vaguest link to someone who may have talked to someone who then may have talked to someone that you may know even in a slight way, you will be watched by the NSA.

Monday, March 25, 2013

SC Republican says veteran should have ‘come home in a body bag’

South Carolina Republican Todd Kincannon who is the former head of the South Carolina Republican Party, used his Twitter feed to attack former Iraqi war veteran Michael Prysner, saying that the veteran should have “come home in a body bag”.

@ToddKincannon March 24
.@MikePrysner You are an Iraq veteran? Shame you didn't come home in a body bag.

Kincannon tweeted his reply to Michael Prysner after he made some comments about Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez who died last week, and a Police Officer who Prysner called a “coward and a sociopath.”

The South Carolinian Republican also went on to say in another tweet about Michael Prysner, “I wish the Iraqis had better aim with his ass”.

@ToddKincannon March 24
“I wish the Iraqis had better aim with his ass. Yes, I hope if that guy is ever in combat again, the enemy splatters his brains JFK-style. He deserves it.”

Kincannon wrote several hate filled tweets which for the most part cannot be repeated here because of the vulgar words he used, but you can read some of the tweets related to this story here. Or, if you like you can go directly to Kincannon's Twitter feed and read how this man responds to everyone he has a problem with. Just a warning, he has a lot of hate filled rants filled with vulgarities.

This is not the first time this poor excuse for a man made news with his mouth, earlier this year during the Super Bowl, he attacked Trayvon Martin. Those tweets are also too vulgar to repeat but they can be found in this link.

And if you are looking for any comments from the South Carolina Republican Party distancing themselves from this man and his comments, none have been found as of this writing.

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Andrew Breitbart died one year ago today; a look back at the last tweets of a madman

Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of Andrew Breitbart, a conservative rabble-rouser who died at age 43, on March 1, 2012 in Los Angeles. Breitbart ran the right wing website which still continues to publish extremist articles.

Breitbart loved to be in the spot light shouting at liberals and the mainstream media. He was a true agent provocateur. During the now famous protests by Wisconsin workers at their State capital over workers bargaining rights being taken away, Andrew Breitbart was there with his megaphone and right wing thugs shouting down the protesters.

Andrew Breitbart’s claim to fame was his mouth, which got him plenty of air time on Fox News and other right wing outlets on TV and radio as he spewed his rants of hate against the mainstream media, liberal’s, Democrats, and President Obama.

Breitbart is partially responsible for the fraudulent videos by James O’Keefe that brought down ACORN, a community organizing group that helped to register voters.

Breitbart is also responsible for falsely accusing an African-American woman named Shirley Sherrod, who worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and was subsequently fired in 2010, after Breitbart accused her publicly of discriminating against a white farmer while working for the USDA in Georgia.

Breitbart is now gone, but his legacy of hate still continues to this day.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Punxsutawney Sean uses his six senses to declare global warming is a hoax

This is now the 17th year in a row that the Fox “news” weather specialist Punxsutawney Sean has made his declaration that global warming is a hoax. The human weather rodent uses his six senses by sticking his head out of his window at the News Corp building in New York.

 “The massive Nor’easter that is currently putting eastern states into a freeze is proof that there is no Global Warming”, says Punxsutawney Sean.

Punxsutawney Sean is a very special Fox “news” weather rodent; he has fine-tuned his sixth senses, while the average human only has five.

While atop of the News Corp building with his head firmly stuck out the window, the Fox “news” rodent used his senses to ascertain the following:

  • Sense of Touch: felt the cold snow
  • Sense of Smell: nose froze
  • Sense of Hearing: heard wind howling
  • Sense of Taste: snowflakes landed in mouth
  • Sense of Sight: saw the snow

And Punxsutawney Sean’s sixth sense is his ability to speak to large audiences with the abnormal growth in his larynx that mimics a 50,000 watt radio broadcast system.

After announcing his findings, Punxsutawney Sean was quick to point out that Global Warming is a “hoax” created by “liberals” who are lead by their “Messiah, Barack Obama”. The rodent was also quick to point out that the main stream media no longer use the words "Global Warming" and now refer to it as "Global Climate Change".

All Fox “news” shows then repeat Punxsutawney Sean’s findings over and over and over again, through the man-made broadcast systems in the News Corp building.